Former YG Producer Looking at 5 Years in Prison, Reveals He Once Attempted Suicide

He has struggled with depression his whole adult life.

Back in 2017, then-YG Entertainment Producer Kush was arrested and booked for purchasing cocaine, a controlled substance which is highly illegal in Korea.

(★BREAKING) YG Entertainment’s Kush Arrested By Undercover Police In The Act Of Purchasing Cocaine


Kush has since admitted to all of the charges made against him, acknowledging that he used cocaine a total of 7 times, purchased it twice, and attempted to purchase it a third time. The third time, police were there to intercept the package and arrest him.

“We accept all of the charges”

— Kush and his lawyer

Due to the nature of his crimes, the prosecution is seeking a 5 year prison sentence and a fine of ₩875,000 KRW ($778 USD).


In Kush’s final defense, his lawyer pointed out how much stress Kush has been under since joining the entertainment industry at the age of 16.

“Ever since he began composing at the age of 16, he has been in the entertainment industry for many years, including as a member of the hip-hop group Stony Skunk. He entered the entertainment industry at a young age and has been working alone ever since he was 20. During this time, he suffered from extreme stress and anxiety. He has suffered from chronic panic disorder and depression, and he tried to overcome those issues with treatment, but his depression grew worse and he was unable to sleep due to insomnia.”

— Kush’s lawyer


His lawyer then talked about the crimes in November 2017 involving cocaine, which ultimately got Kush arrested.

“Kush committed the crime in November 2017, after failing to overcome the continued temptation of an acquaintance. Kush is very regretful for failing to refuse the temptations of the drugs, as the acquaintance said it was good for dealing with depression and insomnia.”

— Kush’s lawyer


Finally, he revealed how Kush had attempted suicide in the past, and was hospitalized.

“Kush had to go to the emergency room for many injuries, he attempted suicide, and has undergone psychiatric treatment.”

— Kush’s lawyer


In Kush’s final statement, he simply stated how sorry he was for his actions.

“I don’t think I have too much to say. After this incident, I have realized what is precious to me, and how I should carry out my actions and live my life. I am sorry and I wish I could make up for this incident for the rest of my life. Thank you.”

— Kush


Kush’s final sentence will be delivered by March 18, 2019.

Source: Star News