Popular Singer Shares An Intimate Behind-The-Scenes Look At His Wedding

What a gorgeous documentation of their special day!

Earlier this year, it was announced that Bae Doo Hoon, a member of Forstella, the quartet formed through the singing competition series Phantom Singer 2, would marry Kang Yeon Jung, a musical actress.

Forstella’s Bae Doohoon and Kang Yeon Jung. | BEAT INTERACTIVE

Following the announcement, the couple shared gorgeous pre-wedding photos, showing off the bond of their eight-year relationship.


The wedding took place in May, but a new video recently shared gave a better look at the couple’s wedding ceremony, including some emotional moments.

The five-minute-long video began with shots of Kang Yeon Jung in her dress alongside the couple’s mothers before moving to shots of the couple together.

The handsome Forstella member and his beautiful wife were both documented walking down the aisle, culminating in the emotional bridal handoff.

The two exchanged rings, with the four-membered group performing a celebration song for the bride.

The couple exchanged hugs with their parents, and the video ended as the pair walked off amid a shower of flower petals.


You can watch the full, gorgeous video below!

He is the second member of the group to get married following Ko Woo Rim‘s marriage to figuring skating legend Yuna Kim, which you can read about below!

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