Fortune Teller Warns Heechul Not To Get Married For The Next 7 Years

Here’s why not.

On a recent upload of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros on YouTube, Min Kyung Hoon and Super Junior‘s Heechul visited a naming professional to get their rapper names.

The naming professional, Park Dae Hee explained that the foundation of naming a person is their fortune.

A name fills a part of you that’s empty. The foundation of a name is fortune.

— Park Dae Hee

And that’s how Heechul’s fortune was revealed.

According to Park Dae Hee, Heechul has a lot of self-esteem, and that if there’s an obstacle, he jumps past it.

But she warned Heechul to get married later.

She explained that he has to “play” for a little longer and get married at 45 years old.

Since Heechul is now 38 years old, that means he has to wait 7 years until he can get married!

This clip gained attention because it was revealed in January 2020 that TWICE‘s Momo and Heechul are dating.

Check out the full clip below:

Source: Insight

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