“You’re Ugly!” Fourth-Generation Female Idol Is Going Viral For Her Legendary Response To A Hate Comment On Her Live Broadcast

“She ate them up…”

While K-Pop idols are loved by fans worldwide, any sort of fame brings with it haters who aren’t afraid to send hurtful comments, especially from behind their computers.

Yet, a fourth-generation female idol is going viral for hitting back at a hate comment in the best way, and it’s none other than Purple Kiss member Swan.

Purple Kiss’ Swan | @purplekiss_official/Instagram 

Since debuting, Swan has wowed netizens with her unreal talent and visuals. Despite being the youngest, Swan showcased her skills by writing the group’s debut song, “Ponzona,” and also making her solo debut.


Yet, the idol has recently gained attention for hitting back at a hate comment during a live broadcast.

On October 16, Swan held a live broadcast for fans on Weverse, and it wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t stop gushing over her visuals and charm.

| Purple Kiss/Weverse 

Sadly, like all artists, Swan was subjected to hate comments in the chat, and while others might ignore it, the young idol made a point to read it out as she saw someone type, “You are so ugly.”

| Purple Kiss/Weverse 

Yet, Swan didn’t miss a beat as she quickly responded, “You too, maybe you’re the more [ugly].”

| Purple Kiss/Weverse

That would’ve been enough to gain praise, but Swan continued to address the hate comment she had read. Not only did Swan strictly shut down the person by explaining, “Don’t say the bad word to me.”

| Purple Kiss/Weverse

But she emphasized that she went live for fans, adding, “I want to talk with plorys (Purple Kiss’ fans) only, not you.”

| Purple Kiss/Weverse

When the video was posted on TikTok, it quickly amassed over 400,000 views…


THAT’S MY GIRL!!!! #swan #수안 #スアン #fyp

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And the comments were full of netizens praising the idol for her response. Whether they knew Swan or not, they praised the young idol’s blunt and sassy response, with many even saying how they want to stan now.

While many idols shy away from addressing hate comments, netizens believe more should be confident to hit back at haters if possible. Despite being so young (and the youngest debuted idol at RBW), Swan responded with class but was also firm.

Source: Purple Kiss/Weverse