4th Gen Idol Tells Fan Not To Date Ugly Men Either
“I think it is not a joke.”
Fans Worry As PURPLE KISS’s Album Sales Decline With Each Comeback
“It is absolutely crazy that they are selling less than MAMAMOO was before they really blew up.”
Rookie Idol’s Latest Post Points To “Hacking,” But Sparks Different Reactions
Real or fake?
The Secret To Getting Flawless Skin Like K-Pop Idols, According To A K-Pop Girl Group
There’s one main solution.
“You’re Ugly!” Fourth-Generation Female Idol Is Going Viral For Her Legendary Response To A Hate Comment On Her Live Broadcast
“She ate them up…”
“100 Selfies A Day”: The Crazy Effort That Goes Into Social Media For PURPLE KISS’s Swan
The PURPLE KISS star revealed how much work she puts in connecting with fans.
Purple Kiss Officially Debuts In Japan With “DEAR VIOLET”
They are receiving many requests for radio and interviews in Japan.
PURPLE KISS 101: What You Need To Know About This All-Rounder Monster Rookie
From surprising facts about the members to their dream collaborations, discover PURPLE KISS!
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