A 4th Generation K-Pop Idol Seems To Have Made His Met Gala Debut, But In The Funniest Way Ever

Do you recognize him? 😂

K-Pop seemed to make its mark on this year’s annual Met Gala. Idols CL and BLACKPINK‘s Rosé made their first appearance at the event, slaying in their outfits and gaining attention worldwide for their stunning visuals. Yet, it seems as if another K-Pop idol made an appearance at the event, but in the most unexpected way ever!

CL and BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @themetgalaofficial/ Instagram

During the event, an Instagram account posted images of all the idols making their way onto the red carpet in their stunning outfits. In particular, they posted a stunning image of Rosé in her outfit, looking flawless as ever.

| @themetgalaofficial/ Instagram

However, as the image was posted, eagle-eyed K-Pop fans noticed something interesting about the picture. All of the celebrities in the photo’s background were dressed according to the theme. However, one person seemed to stand out.

Yet, as people zoomed in, they noticed a male wearing bright yellow sweatpants, plain black t-shirt… and eating a pizza?

After seeing the image, many fans quickly realized that the Instagram account had actually used an image edited with TREASURE‘s Junghwan!

TREASURE’s Junghwan | YG Entertainment

The editing was so smooth that many didn’t even notice it at first. Of course, Teumes quickly noticed what had happened, and they thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

When the picture was posted, Teumes couldn’t believe their eyes and went on social media to share their reactions.

Whether the organizers know it or not, it is funny to see that another K-Pop idol made an appearance at the Met Gala without even realizing it. Junghwan is now the first 4th generation idol to attend the event, without even being there! As always, the power of K-Pop fans is enormous!

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Source: Themetgalaoffical