The Fourth-Generation Idol Who Went From A Translator At KCON To A K-Pop Idol After Being Scouted

He revealed the story behind his unique scouting experience!

When K-Pop idols debut, one of the first things that netizens love to know is how many of them became trainees. Whether it was being scouted on the streets or attending auditions, each idol has a different story, and they are always open to sharing their experiences.

SHINee’s Minho always had the funniest story of being cast on the street and running away from SM recruiters.
BTS’s Suga auditioned hoping to be a rapper and producer rather than a boy group during the rap contest/ audition called “Hit It/”   

Recently, one fourth-generation male idol revealed his unique experience when it came to being recruited as a trainee.

K-Pop group Kingdom debuted in 2021 and has always caught the attention of netizens with their unique concept based as each member represents a different king in history.

The members of KINGDOM | @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

One member was already familiar to some K-Pop fans, and it was the leader, Dann. Although he debuted in 2021 as part of the group, the group’s leader was a member of the since-disbanded Korean-Chinese group VARSITY. He also participated in MIXNINE, where he ranked 71st.

KINGDOM’s Dann | @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

The idol recently sat down with the YouTube channel KPOP IDOL OLYMPICS and shared his unique experiences when it came to his training as an idol.

At the start of the video, Dann revealed that while he was in high school, he was actually working in Dubai as an interpreter. The idol revealed that he was working there at the time when the K-Pop event KCON was in the country.

Dann revealed that he was working the event, and suddenly, one of the staff working there asked him if he was interested in the music industry. After speaking with the staff member, they met again after the event, and Dann became a trainee.

Later in the video, Dann explained that he had been interpreting both Korean and English. Yet, he surprisingly explained that the reason he accepted the offer was that they promised to pay well, and it changed his life.

Yet, unlike most idols, Dann never really imagined himself as part of a boy group and didn’t really have any experience in dancing and performing.

I never imagined myself as a boy band. I liked music but I knew nothing about dancing. So when I joined the company, I was worried if I could really do this. Since I was young, I never gave up on things that I decided to do. That’s why I became a boy band, I guess.

— Dann

For many, Dann has one of the most unique experiences. While it seems normal to be cast on the streets of Korea, the fact he was scouted at a K-Pop event in Dubai is definitely unique. Yet, despite not having any experience, Dann definitely shines when he gets on stage.


The man who scouted Dann at KCON definitely has talent, and the fact he saw his potential without even hearing him perform proves that scouting definitely works.

You can watch the whole video below.

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