“They Look Uncomfortable!” Fourth-Generation Male Idol Honestly Reacts To Seeing Unexpected Crowds Of Fans Waiting At The Airport

It continues the discussion about airport etiquette amongst fans.

One of the biggest topics of concern in K-Pop right now is the safety of idols at the airport. Time after time, videos are shared of idols being mobbed or their safety being compromised by huge crowds at the airport.

Recently, TXT‘s experience at the airport and reactions to crowds have gained attention from fans.

The members of TXT | BIGHIT MUSIC

Like all HYBE artists, TXT’s Weverse shared posts reminding fans about fan etiquette rules, including not visiting airports when idols are due to travel abroad for schedules.

If that wasn’t enough, Yeonjun even shared a post asking fans about etiquette at airports.

I’m leaving a post in the case that the fans who came to the airport today might see this. As it is not a space where only we are there, but a place with so many people, I would be grateful if the fans could keep order and their manners just a little bit. Of course, I know that you might not have meant it, but I was so taken aback to see that someone bumped into a mom carrying a newborn baby as well as an elderly person as they dashed to the escalator. I was so sorry to those who faced harm, but the situation was so messy that I could not even say sorry. I would be grateful if you guys can be a little more careful. This is my request of you!

— TXT’s Yeonjun

| TXT/Weverse

On November 2, Dispatch announced that TXT would be at the airport for an overseas schedule.

While many assumed that as it was an undisclosed schedule, the members would have a quiet departure, netizens were shocked to see huge crowds of fans waiting.


In the videos and photos shared, netizens believed the TXT members looked uncomfortable. In particular, fans shared that in the video, when the members were entering the airport, Yeonjun could be heard saying, “How do they know?” referring to the fans being aware of their travels.

While some fans pointed out that the fault lay with the Korean media outlets for announcing the departure, which could have bee relayed by HYBE, netizens couldn’t hide their anger at the fans for surrounding TXT.

The topic of idol safety and privacy at airports has always been a hot topic. Yet, with so many stars now voicing concerns, many netizens believe something should be done, whether it’s as simple as not allowing media outlets to share schedules or having private entrances.

Source: euphoriacyj_ and KOREA Dispatch