New JTBC K-Drama Garners Attention For Featuring A Black Character

She’s portrayed by Patricia!

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JTBC‘s new comedy K-Drama, Frankly Speaking, recently premiered. It stars Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na as Song Ki Baek and On Woo Ju, respectively.

A well-respected announcer suddenly loses his ability to self-censor on air, catching the attention of a TV writer who invites him on her variety show.

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Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na
Go Kyung Pyo (left) and Kang Han Na (right) | JTBC & Netflix

When viewers tuned into the show, they were pleasantly surprised to see the popular Congolese-born TV personality Patricia Yiombi.


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Patricia stars as Sung Yi Na, the youngest writer in the department, in Frankly Speaking. Her character works alongside entertainment writer Woo Ju.



Viewers are so excited because seeing a Black main character in a K-Drama is rare. They are especially happy for Patricia, knowing she has worked hard and is receiving much-deserved recognition.



Patricia’s popularity continues to grow. She recently starred in My Sibling’s Romance with her brother Jonathan and will return for Season 2 of Netflix‘s Zombieverse. 

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Frankly Speaking is available internationally via Netflix.

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