French Netizens Reportedly Criticize President Emmanuel Macron After BLACKPINK Photos Go Viral

“All of France is upset, but the president is laughing.”

A viral picture of French President Emmanuel Macron taking a picture of BLACKPINK and Pharrell Williams has not been well received in France.

Emmanuel Macron | Élyseé

On January 26, Tiffany & Co‘s Executive VP, Alexandre Arnault, uploaded a photo on his Instagram story. In the picture, the members of BLACKPINK are seen taking a photo with global jet setter and cultural icon Pharrell Williams.

BLACKPINK’s Photo With Pharrell Williams Goes Viral After It Is Revealed That It Was Taken By French President Emmanuel Macron

The photo immediately went viral once netizens realized that in the photo, French President Emmanuel Macron could be seen taking a photo of the stars.
Pharrell Williams (center) with BLACKPINK |
Netizens couldn’t believe the interaction between the French President and BLACKPINK. Many fans expressed their amazement online.

Although fans were overwhelmingly positive about the interaction, the French, however, are reportedly less than thrilled. According to a report by Korean news outlet Joong Ang Ilbo, French netizens expressed their disapproval, writing, “President Macron needs to take care of the French people” and  “All of France is upset, but the president is laughing.”
According to the news report, the reactions are partly due to the fact that there have been mass demonstrations in France against the government’s pension reform initiative. The news report states that up to two million people demonstrated on January 19 across major cities such as Paris.
Protest in Paris | CNN
Korean netizens reacted to the news report, with many stating they understood why the French would have a negative reaction to the pictures.

  • “If I was French, I would be grinding my teeth in anger…”
  • “We only laugh because he isn’t our President.”
  • “I would be frustrated too.”
  • “Just imagining our President there pisses me off.”
  • “This isn’t the time to criticize him. Our (President’s situation) is just as serious.”

What are your thoughts on the matter?


Source: joongang ilbo and theqoo
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