The Friendship Between BTS’s Suga And IU Goes Way Back Than What The Public Knows

The most iconic duo of K-Pop!

On April 10, KST, BTS‘s Suga appeared as a guest on IU‘s YouTube talk show, IU’s Palette. Though the two artists have collaborated on two songs in the last three years already, this was the first time they interacted on camera.

During the interview, IU mentioned that both collaborations were done virtually, as they did the recording separately. But the ’93-liners showed some great chemistry, bickering and joking around like old friends.

When they started discussing their first collaboration for “Eight,” IU revealed that the idea came when she, Suga, and producer EL CAPITXN got together. The three are the same age and, at that time, wanted to make a song that reflected the age of 28.

Though the collaboration between IU and Suga was very unexpected for fans, it looks like the two had been acquaintances much before they worked together. Suga mentioned their longstanding friendship, saying that people might think they met for the first time while working on “Eight,” but actually, they have known each other personally since they were around 25 or 26 years old. That marks their friendship as more than half a decade old!

Their friendly dynamic surfaced throughout the episode, especially when IU would slip up and talk to her guest without honorifics before quickly switching back.

Now that IU has promised Suga to appear as a guest on Suchwita if this episode of IU’s Palette hits 10 million views, all we can hope for is an unfiltered interaction between the two most iconic 93-liners in the industry!