fromis_9’s Jiheon Picks The Prettiest IZ*ONE Member And Wants Her Beauty Diet

She chose the prettiest member from a group full of pretty members.

Jiheon held a V-Live on July 5th where she answered questions from fans. One curious viewer asked Jiheon who she thought was the prettiest member of IZ*ONE.

Since the two groups are managed by the same label, IZ*ONE and fromis_9 have had many on-camera interactions and have even gone out for dinners together so Jiheon had ample experience to make this judgement.

From one maknae to another, Jiheon answered that it was none other than Jang Wonyoung who is the prettiest in the group although she prefaced this by saying every member of IZ*ONE is pretty.

Jiheon went on to say that she really wants to know what Wonyoung’s beauty diet is so she can copy it.