fromis_9 Members Spotted Hanging Out With PENTAGON’s Wooseok In Hongdae

They allegedly entered the same private room bar.

 CUBE Entertainment has responded to the rumors.

Four members of fromis_9 and PENTAGON‘s Wooseok was recently spotted in Hongdae. According to witness accounts, they had gone to a drinking place together. The drinking place was one with private booth rooms available.

Witness account of the two groups. | Nate Pann

I saw four members of fromis_9 in Hongdae. They were walking along the road of clubs in Hongdae and they met up with PENTAGON’s Wooseok. They walked with some distance between each other and then entered the same private room bar.

— Witness

The witness later uploaded a proof photo after being accused of lying.

| Nate Pann

What do you mean I’m writing a novel? I saw it clearly with my own two eyes. Wooseok was even smoking an e-cig outside of the bar. It was perfect, down to how he was mindful of people [while smoking] and ended up going back in.

— Witness

The witness account was later corroborated by another passerby who had been in the area. The new passerby had also uploaded a photograph of Wooseok but did not mention fromis_9.

| Nate Pann

I also saw PENTAGON’s Wooseok at Hongdae just now. I bumped into him again not long after that and he was hanging around the SangSangMaDang (multiplex building in Hongdae) with a man that seemed to be his acquaintance.

— Passerby

While fans were unsure at first, they later confirmed that it was the girls in the sighting. Member Jisun had uploaded sticker booth photos the next day on Weverse. The clothes the girls wore perfectly matched the ones in the proof shot with the witness account. In accordance with the sticker booth photos, Saerom, Jisun, Chaeyoung and Seoyeon had been in Hongdae.

| Weverse

Neither party has yet to speak up on the matter.

Source: Nate Pann