What’s Going On With fromis_9? Fans Demand Answers From PLEDIS After All Communications Drop Since February

“Shouldn’t have trusted PLEDIS with a girl group after all…”

Fans are demanding answers from Pledis Entertainment about fromis_9‘s unexpected and unexplained absence.

Fromis_9 | @realfromis_9/Twitter

On February 13, it was reported that fromis_9 would have a comeback for the first time as eight members with their first-ever full-length album. A YTN official shared, “They are scheduled to make a comeback in mid-March and we know that they recently finished filming the music video in Korea.

Anticipation grew with the announcement of fromis_9’s light stick.

And multiple members of the group were even seen changing their hair, a typically reliable sign in K-Pop that a comeback is imminent.

Fans felt confident that the preparations for fromis_9’s comeback were well underway.

But as time passed, fans started to voice their concerns, especially since fromis_9 stopped posting on Weverse. The last post fromis_9 made on Weverse, which they had previously frequently used to communicate with fans, was made on February 24, almost a month ago.

Have a good day today flover!

— Saerom’s latest post on Weverse

Similarly, the members haven’t been uploading to their personal Instagram accounts. Jiwon‘s last post was one month ago.

Chaeyoung‘s last post was also one month ago.

Hayoung‘s last post was five weeks ago.

Jiheon‘s last post was five weeks ago.

Seoyeon‘s last post was five weeks ago.

And Jisun‘s last post was also five weeks ago.

Saerom‘s last post was six weeks ago.

And Nagyung‘s last post was seven weeks ago.

Fromis_9’s official social media accounts have, in contrast, been somewhat active. But they are silent regarding updates on the previously reported comeback or members themselves. Instead, most of the posts have been about fromis_9’s YouTube content, which is still being released.

Fromis_9’s official Twitter account also celebrated Jiwon’s birthday on March 20…

Although fans had been waiting for a birthday post, video, or live broadcast from Jiwon, none of which were uploaded, causing more concern among fans.

Detective fans have even deduced that fromis_9 was seemingly supposed to have their comeback on March 20, allegedly with the song “IN THE MIRROR.” Which, as of now, there is no information about.

Aside from simply feeling concerned about the lack of the anticipated comeback, fans are demanding answers from Pledis Entertainment since they don’t believe that fromis_9 would “voluntarily stop communicating for this long.”

Fortunately, fans have an update on some of the members as both Jiwon and Hayoung visited Jiwon’s birthday cafe event on March 20, excitedly greeting fans.

 Fans demand answers from Pledis Entertainment, and hope the members are okay.

| theqoo
  • “Wait, weren’t they talking about a full-length album coming soon? Weird that they’re so quiet… Their fans must be going through it right now.”
  • “And their management isn’t explaining anything?”
  • “If it’s not about their contracts… I don’t know why they would drop all communications right before they’re supposed to be coming back with an album. The birthday live getting skipped makes me nervous, for sure.”
  • “WTF… Their fans must be so worried.”
  • “Something like this happened to my ult before… They ended up having to push back the comeback for 3-4 months because the members got sick.”
  • “Huh??? But I JUST saw them sell their lightsticks. It can’t be…? Their fans must be super anxious, especially with the member’s birthday live getting cancelled… T_T”

And some are even remembering Pledis Entertainment’s mistreatment of PRISTIN.

| theqoo
  • “At first, I thought maybe their comeback got pushed back. But then I heard a birthday live got canceled… That made me nervous. PLEDIS, not again!”
  • “They’ve done this to PRISTIN before, so…”
  • “IDK, it’s about time they disband. They’re a group made from manipulated results.”
  • “This got me feeling uneasy…”
  • “I might’ve been able to think that it’s some sort of a weird marketing tactic… But the birthday live not happening is a weird sign.”
  • “All of the members [stopped posting]?”
  • “Shouldn’t have trusted PLEDIS with a girl group after all…”

As of the time of this article, Pledis Entertainment has not given any updates.

You can read more about their previously announced comeback here.

Fromis_9 To Drop First Full-Length Album Next Month

Source: theqoo