HINAPIA’s Yaebin Reveals PRISTIN Was Working On An Album When They Disbanded

They weren’t warned.

During HINAPIA‘s debut showcase, Yaebin (a former member of PRISTIN) revealed that the girls did not know they were meant to disband and were actually preparing an album when the news broke out.

PRISTIN allegedly did not know in advance that they were going to disband, and the members continued to work on their next album. She claims that the group just suddenly heard that they will be disbanding without prior warning.

After their disbandment, Yaebin, along with fellow former PRISTIN members Eunwoo, Minkyung, and Kyungwon, joined a new company and prepared for 5-6 months for their debut with HINAPIA, which includes new face BADA.

In the showcase, Minkyung revealed that her heart hurt when PRISTIN disbanded, but that’s she glad she’s with some of her past teammates who share a common goal. Eunwoo referenced the disbandment by saying that though they struggled in the past, they were able to gather together again thanks to their dreams of being a singer.

Source: Naver