FT ISLAND’s Hongki Sends Odd Message To Fans Following Dating News

A few hours after FNC Entertainment confirmed that the rumors were true, Lee Hongki revealed his feelings online.

Recently, the media released the breaking news that FTISLAND‘s Hongki and Actress Han Boreum are in a relationship. Most netizens are in support of the couple and have been leaving congratulatory comments.

Lee Hongki also responded to the news by posting a funny edit on his SNS along with the caption, “I’m very sorry. Thank you.” The edit is a color wheel with a compilation of Hongki’s past colorful hair color that matches each color on the wheel. Fans quickly took to the comment section of the post. They told the singer that he does not have to apologize and reassured him that they are happy for his relationship.

Although no one questions the sincerity of Hongki’s message the funny image even in a serious post is completely in character for the leader.

Check out his Instagram post below!

너무 미안하고 고마워

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