FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Spends All Of His Month’s Salary On The Cutest Gift To Actor Kim Soo Hyun

Bromance at its finest.

It seems that FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki and actor Kim Soo Hyun are as close as ever, as the former, who is currently serving in the army, sent a food truck to the set of Kim Soo Hyun’s current drama, “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”.

On the 7th of July 2020, the actor showed off their friendship by posting proof shots of the adorable gift sent over by Hongki. He even thoughtfully captioned it, “#soldier #Lee Hongki #Please take care of him”, reminding Hongki’s fellow soldiers to look out for him.

What’s even more adorable is the fact that Lee Hongki probably spent all his month’s salary as a soldier on the food truck! As a corporal, he’s still rather low on the totem pole. The average salary of someone of his ranking is ₩488,200 KRW ($407.93 USD).

As for the pricing of a food truck, it depends on a variety of factors, including the drinks and food provided as well as if the organizer wishes to operate via a per order basis or a fixed number of orders. The price may range from between $400 USD onwards as such.

It is heartwarming to see that the pair have maintained their friendship! Kim Soo Hyun even sent his friend off right before he entered the army.