FTISLAND Fans Demand Choi Jonghoon’s Removal Following Recent Scandals

They want him out.

On March 13, FTISLAND fans released a statement demanding the removal of FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon on DC Inside Gallery.

Previously, Choi Jonghoon shocked fans after it was reported that he was a member of Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s group chatroom. In particular, he was not only caught drunk driving but was even suspected of asking the police to cover it up.

FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon Was Caught Drunk Driving 3 Years Ago, Asked Police To Cover It Up


FNC Entertainment shortly after released a statement explaining that rumors claiming he asked the police to cover up his DUI case was false and stated that he will be halting all activities until his investigations are over.

FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon Admits To Drunk Driving, But Denies Police Collusion


Instead of a halt to his activities, however, fans are strongly demanding his removal.

As the leader of FTISLAND, he has already degraded FTISLAND’s image and is expected to have a big impact on their activities in numerous ways into the future. We, FTISLAND Gallery, strongly request member Choi Jonghoon’s removal, and not promotion halt, as of March 13, 2019.



They explained:

As the leader and oldest member of FTISLAND, and a singer and public figure, he forgot his duties and caused a social controversy. He also caused a fellow member to become the center of a controversy and has also degarded FTISLAND and FNC Entertainment’s brand value and image.

In addition to his social recognition in regards to sexual assault, we cannot accept Choi Jonghoon’s activities when the majority of our fandom consists of women. We cannot alow the impact Choi Jonghoon will have on FTISLAND as well as the degradation of the members’ image if he remains in the group.