Here’s The Full Emotional Letter From Leader RM, Celebrating BTS’s 7th Anniversary

“It’s incredible how some numbers can make me feel this happy…”

Starting at midnight on June 13, 2020 (KST), after weeks of releasing 2020 FESTA content to overwhelm the already-emotional ARMYs, BTS celebrated their 7th debut anniversary.

Twitter @bts_bighit

On Weverse the same day, the leader RM shared a heartfelt letter — somewhat of an annual tradition that developed. This year, RM asked about time:


What is time, really? I think it’s like looking at a rock by the sea — how its shape changes subtly, but surely, with the waves that come and go, here and there. It has been ten years since I moved to Seoul, into the dorm in Nonhyeon-dong in the summer of 2010. It has been a brief time, but it also has been a long time. Now I really feel like a Seoul citizen.

— RM

How did time change him? How did it change BTS? He looked over some of the old pictures that ARMYs shared in celebration — and it got him thinking to who he had been when the adventure began…

RM as Rap Monster, 2013

BTS being BTS, I thought we’ve been pretty well aware of how we looked at the beginning of this all. But looking over some of the debut pictures being shared today, I realized that the old RM doesn’t really look like the RM I thought I’d been. It felt strange, but cool — in a Gestaltzerfall kind of a way. I debuted as that untamed, hair-permed “Rap Monster”. And I thought I wouldn’t — and didn’t — change because I came with such ferocity. But I saw that it is someone entirely different standing there.

— RM

… vs. who he is now.

Hmm… I had a good time practicing the choreography with my friends today. I also thought about that ambitious letter I wrote to you all, promising to make you proud after I debut. Anniversaries are… They become special marks in life that could have otherwise been mundane. It’s incredible how some numbers can make me feel this happy.

I can finally breathe a bit now. I’m beyond relieved that we’ve been able to walk through this together, happy and healthy. I look around and see that my friends have come such long ways too. So I become inspired again. And the feelings… the intangible, indescribable flames in my heart keep burning up — even though seven years have passed. Sometimes I miss the past, what will never return… But I had my turn to be happy then. I am happy now too. I see parts of me that had been edgy, and that makes me feel a little embarrassed, but I accept that version of myself too! I suddenly miss my yearbook picture which I ripped and threw away… (I’ll probably regret seeing it though.)

— RM

RM wrapped up the letter by thanking the loyal ARMYs for having stayed by his side throughout this time — regardless of which RM he had been.

Twitter @bts_twt

Watching all the news around the world today, I thought to myself, ‘How did the world change from seven, ten years ago?’ What have I done in that time? My words could have been empty… My moves could have been meaningless. But the countless hearts around the world didn’t let my words and moves go unnoticed. My heart still fills with helplessness from time to time, but I will keep thinking about the things that I can and cannot do. This is how I have been living the past seven years. But thank you for allowing me to live. Thank you for pushing me to not give up. As I’ve been saying for the past seven years, I will keep trying my best… starting with the Bang Bang Con tomorrow! I hope, as always, that my love reaches you. I love you more than love can ever be, ARMYs.

— RM

Need we say more? RM’s heartfelt letter said it all. BTS and ARMYs couldn’t be happier to have been seven years strong together. It only proves there is many more years to come.

Happy birthday, BTS!

Source: THEQOO