F(x)’s Amber Liu Recreates Iconic “SNL” Scene With SEVENTEEN’s Jun

It’s been nearly a decade since the original sketch!

F(x)‘s Amber Liu brought back an iconic moment from her history.

Amber | SM Entertainment

While Amber is known for her androgynous or “tomboy” fashion style, she took on a traditionally feminine persona for a sketch on the adult comedy show Saturday Night Live Korea, in which her character shocked her boyfriend by beating him at arm wrestling, a shooting game, and more. She guest-hosted in 2015.

Now, eight years later, Amber is back in a similar role!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jun was the guest on this Friday’s episode of the Chinese variety show A Delicious Guess with Amber Liu, Ella Chen, Chi Pu, Gong Linna, Joey Chua, and Wu Xin!

Jun and Amber appeared in a rom-com-inspired sketch as a couple. The beginning begins nearly identical to Amber’s iconic SNL Korea sketch!

Fans noticed the similarities, too! One even put the two scenes side-by-side for comparison.

We never expected to see Amber recreate the sketch many years later and with Jun, of all people!

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