f(x) Members Congratulates The Group And Each Other On Their 12th Anniversary

Congratulations to the girls!

September 5, 2021 marked f(x)‘s 12th anniversary. Each of the members took to their personal Instagram to congratulate the team on the achievement.

Amber made sure to mention each and every single member, bringing MeUs to tears.

Congrats on 12 years, kids. Thank you to MeUs and I’ll always work hard. Vic Umma (Victoria), puppy Sunyoungie (Luna), my younger brother Ssul (Sulli) and princess Ddu-ddungie (Krystal), I miss you.

— Amber

Krystal shared some photographs from 2011, during Pinocchio.

Luna thanked the members and the fans, sharing a major throwback photo.

Thank you to the members and MeUs who have been with me for 12 years. I hope for happiness and health (for everyone)!

— Luna

Victoria shared a simple congratulations in three languages.

f(x) made their debut in 2009 and received much love from fans and the public. Their last release was “All Mine” in 2016 and the group has halted group activities since. The last public appearance as f(x) was in 2019’s SM Town concert, where only three members, Krystal, Luna and Amber were present.