f(x)’s Krystal Describes Her New Drama Character With A Hilarious Twist

This funny queen’s coming through!

f(x)‘s Krystal gave a hilarious answer when asked to open up about her character from her latest drama, Search!

Krystal shot a pictorial and sat down for a “keyword interview” with 1st Look magazine!

She was asked to answer questions in “military-style”, getting into her Search character, Son Ye Rim!

One of the keywords given to her was her character’s name, Son Ye Rim, and Krystal gave her thoughts on it!

It’s my name that I used while I was in the army.

A short-tempered…


After messing around a little, she gave her honest thoughts on her character!

She’s an elite first lieutenant who’s responsible!


Krystal then also revealed how tough the shooting for the drama was, even calling it “training”!

The shooting of the drama itself was just like training.


Krystal is currently starring as the Son Ye Rim in the drama Search, alongside Jang Dong Yoon. She recently also left long-time agency SM Entertainment, and signed with H& Entertainment, promoting as an actress under her Korean name, Jung Soo Jung.

You can watch her answer questions here!


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