f(x)’s Krystal Leaves SM Entertainment, Signs With New Actors’ Agency

She has a new agency.

f(x)‘s Krystal has officially left SM Entertainment and signed with newly formed actors’ agency H& Entertainment.

Krystal’s contract with SM Entertainment recently ended, and many industry insiders were curious about where she would sign with, whether it be renewing with SM Entertainment or heading to a new agency that is more focused on acting. According to H& Entertainment’s official statement, Krystal will be joining their agency as their newest actress.

We are happy to start a relationship with Jung Soojung, a versatile artist who is seeking a change and a new leap forward.

We will do our best to support Jung Soojung, who made her debut as a singer and enjoyed global popularity. She has since established herself as an actress, and we will work to help her show an even better performance as an actress, and support her plentiful promotions.

— Hong Min Ki, H& Entertainment CEO

H& Entertainment was founded by former KeyEast vice-president Hong Min Ki, and he has recently signed numerous actors and actresses, some of whom he worked with in KeyEast, including Son Dambi, Jung Ryeo Won, In Gyo Jin, and So Yi Hyun. Kwak Dong Yeon also joined the company after his contract with FNC Entertainment expired.

Krystal is set to return to the small screen through OCN‘s new drama Search, which begins on October 17. In addition, her movie More Than Family is set to hit theaters in November.

Source: Newsen