f(x)’s Krystal And Luna Remember Late Sulli In Recent Instagram Post

Sulli will always be a part of f(x).

f(x)‘s Luna just uploaded a post for the purpose of cheering on her fellow member, Krystal on her new drama, Search.

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Along with a selfie of the two idols, the post is captioned,

I bet our fans will love this. This is a photo for our lovable fans. I hope our Krystal’s drama, Search hits it big.

— Luna

| @hermosavidaluna/Instagram

In addition to her support for Krystal, Luna expressed her love for her other fellow members by tagging them in the post as well.

But what stood out was the fact that Luna didn’t forget to tag late Sulli as well, who left the group back in 2015.

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Late Sulli passed away in October of last year, which devastated not only her family, friends, and fellow members, but fans all around the world.

And although she was technically not apart of f(x) at the time, it’s clear that she was always in her fellow members’ hearts, and always will be.

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Some of the comments on the post include “They haven’t posted something together in ages“, “f(x), please make a comeback“, “They must still be close“, and “I miss Sulli so much“.

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May Sulli continue to rest in peace.

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