F(x)’s Luna Shares How Playing The Character Of Elle Woods In “Legally Blonde” Changed Her Life

She spoke very fondly about the positive impact Elle Woods had on her life!

F(x)‘s Luna shares just how much her first role as a musical actress meant to her, and how it changed her life!

To celebrate her 10th debut anniversary as a musical theatre actress, Luna sat down for an interview with KBS reporter Jung Ji Eun, where she talked about tons of things, including her newly established agency, Grida Entertainment!

As the interview centered around her long career starring in musicals, Luna was brought back to 2011, and asked about her first-ever role as Elle Woods in the musical, Legally Blonde! Praising the impact of the character on audiences everyhwere, Jung Ji Eun then asked Luna about any similarities that she felt she herself shared with Elle Woods.

We are going back to 2011~ Do you remember? You debuted on February 4, 2011. You played the role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Legally Blonde is a masterpiece that is familiar to the public, but to put it simply, it’s about Elle Woods breaking the prejudice that “blonde is stupid”, and staying strong and winning love. You played the role of Elle Woods and showed your cute and positive side.

When I saw that, I thought Luna looked like herself. I was curious about the synchro rate when you compare that role with yourself.

—Jung Ji Eun

Luna revealed that she did indeed see similarities with the character, and elaborated on them!

Actually, the synchro rate is about 1-2%. So when I met this character, without director Jang Yoo Jung and Han Garam, I wouldn’t have been able to be on stage. They have taught me a lot.


She also shared how the character of “Elle Woods” changed her life!

If I dare to tell you about the synchro rate, the character “Elle Woods” changed my life. A lot of people say I look like Elle Woods now, but that’s because I met “Elle Woods”. I’m actually a very passive person. Everyone says that I’m a really active person, but when I met “Elle Woods”, I became a positive person.

I thought that I should work hard as a woman, as a teenager, and as a person in charge of my family. She’s a life-changing character who changed my heart with a positive mindset.


Luna made her musical theatre debut in 2011 with Legally Blonde, and has tons of other musical roles to her credit as well!

She’s appeared in musicals such as Rebecca

Gone With The Wind

…and also Mamma Mia!

You can watch her open up about her first ever role of Elle Woods here!