f(x)’s Luna Responds To Questions About Sulli’s Recent Controversies

She was initially flustered, but answered truthfully.

During Radio Star, f(x)‘s Luna mentioned that she misses having the spotlight on her and wishes she could become a hot issue to get some attention.

“Even getting cursed at would be fine, as long as it becomes an issue. There aren’t any comments [about me], so I write them myself.”

— Luna


Kim Gura then suggested that she ask her former bandmate Sulli for some suggestions, since Sulli’s Instagram posts become a hot topic for her “controversial” poses.

“When it comes to receiving spotlight for issues, one of your team members – Sulli – is good at it. Why don’t you ask her for suggestions?”

— Kim Gura


At the mention of Sulli, Luna got flustered for a second.


She then asked why Sulli was mentioned in the first place.

“Uh… Why are we suddenly talking about Sulli?”

— Luna


She did agree that Sulli has been gaining a lot of spotlight for her posts.

“Yes, she is in the spotlight a lot.”

— Luna


She quickly sidestepped the topic and began talking about her current members. She mentioned that she researches the three members’ Instagram posts to see how she can become trend-setters like them.

“She’s a member that left the group, so… I used to research about how my other members become trendy.”

— Luna


Out of the three members, Luna noticed that Krystal was exceptionally good at drawing attention to her posts. She praised Krystal for having the best poses and outfits.

“Krystal uploads photos that makes people want to see it. She takes photos well with the right angles, and her clothes are very pretty.”

— Luna


Check out Luna talk about Sulli below: