Sulli’s Latest Braless Photo Has Netizens Debating Once Again

Netizens just can’t seem to get over it.

Sulli updated her Instagram with multiple photos of herself enjoying a nice outting in Korea during the recent Autumn season.

“Winter, don’t come!!!!!” — Sulli


As she posted multiple photos of herself, netizens began pointing out that Sulli wasn’t wearing a bra in her photos.


Once again, Sulli became the topic of debate as a number of netizens began criticizing her decision to not wear a bra. The topic of Sulli not wearing a bra has been debated a number of times within the past few years.

  • “You have to dress appropriately. An announcer can forgo a bra when she goes in front of the camera but why do you think professionalism was created? It’s proper for announcers to wear the appropriate clothes while reporting the news. It should be the same case for Sulli.”
  • “I’m not a woman so I can’t tell anyone to wear a bra or not but… No man will ever say anything to you if you don’t wear one, but in Korea, men can be charged with sexual harassment if you happen to look at someone not wearing a bra…”
  • “This girl is f*cking crazy”
  • “No bra?? I see your nipples”
  • “I’m questioning if it’s right for a public figure to upload these photos on a public Instagram… For instance, if a news caster reported the news without a bra… She might think it’s nothing to be embarrassed about but the public who watches the news wouldn’t be as comfortable as she is… There’s no right answer or law about whether not wearing a bra is embarrassing or not. Everyone has their own opinions, but it’s wrong to tell someone that they’re arrogant and ignorant for having a different opinion…”
  • “This is definitely a problematic issue…”


Her fans immediately backed up her freedom and right to wear whatever she chooses. They complimented her beauty and bravery as the unbothered queen!

  • “There’s nothing wrong not wearing bra. If there’s something wrong, then its your own mind bruh 👏🏻”
  • “I love you Jinri do whatever you want to do ✨✨✨✨💜💜💜✨✨✨✨”
  • “I looovee youuuuuuuuuuuu pretty girl u go slay!!!! 💜✨💕”
  • “You only live once, so let’s live like Sulli”
  • “Jinri, you look so happy so I’m happy…”
  • “She’s amazing… I wish our country was more free about the undergarments we wear. Breasts are just a part of a human body… Bras are so uncomfortable for me but I have to wear it because of other peoples’ judgements… I hope to confidently not wear a bra on day like in other countries”


No one can deny, Sulli looks beautiful in whatever she chooses to wear!