f(x) Member Speaks Up About Rumors of Disbandment

An f(x) member has personally addressed the recent rumors of disbandment surrounding the girl group, which arose due to their nearing contract expiration with SM Entertainment.

On June 15th, member Luna writes, “Sweet dream ⭐️ MeYou, don’t worry. We will show you a better side and better song. As you have believed in us for the last seven years, won’t you please continue to believe in us? I love you ?.”

As a response, fans thanked Luna for reassuring them, many leaving comments that they will continue to love and support f(x) as they await their next comeback promotions.

Fans were put on edge as f(x) is one of the many girl groups whose exclusive contracts with their agency will be expiring this year. Out of all the girl groups whose contracts have expired, they have either lost a member or disbanded (Disbandment: KARA, 4Minute / Left: miss A‘s Jia, 2NE1‘s Minzy), giving MeU’s a good reason to be concern. Other female idol groups whose contract will be expired this year other than f(x) include Secret and KARA.

Meanwhile, Luna is currently promoting her first solo album and title track “Free Somebody.”