SMTOWN Live Just Dropped A Huge Teaser About f(x) Possibly Reuniting At The Tokyo Concerts

Will f(x) finally make a comeback after 3 long years?!

SMTOWN Live 2019 dropped their promotional poster for their upcoming concert series in Tokyo, Japan. They’ll be performing for three nights in a row starting on Saturday, August 3!


But something caught the eyes of f(x) fans as they noticed the group is also listed to perform, which isn’t unusual as a few of the members have always been a part of the SMTOWN Live concerts.


But upon closer look… Could this really be? All four members will be reuniting on stage?!


The post included a photo of all the four members, which could possibly mean that f(x) will finally be reuniting on stage after years of individual activities! The members have rarely been spotted together due to their hectic schedules apart.


MeUs are beyond excited about the possibility of seeing the OT4 getting back together in Tokyo!


Many believe the girls will finally reunite as 2019 rings in their 10th anniversary. They also hope SM will finally announce a new album for the group this year for the prestigious landmark in their career!


SM Entertainment has yet to clarify if all the members will be joining on stage, but it’s about time that these queens made a return to the throne!