F(x)’s Krystal And Amber Reunited In Los Angeles

Kryber is back!

F(x) is currently on hiatus as the members are focusing on their solo activities. But that doesn’t mean that the members aren’t friends with each other.

As MeUs know the unique friendship between the chic and shy Krystal with the outgoing and adventurous Amber is very special.

With Amber spending most of the year in Los Angeles these days, it is sadly rare these days to see her with her fellow members.

However, she has mentioned that she constantly keeps in contact with the other girls on social media and the girls frequently comment on each other’s Instagrams.

But recently, Krystal’s sister Jessica posted an Instagram in Los Angeles and hinted that Krystal was there as well.

This was confirmed, when Amber posted a fun picture of her hair tied in a scrunchie at the gym. What caught the attention of fans was that she tagged Krystal in both the Instagram and the photo.

This means that Krystal and Amber must have gone to the gym together.

Krystal later confirmed they were together when she posted an Instagram story of her at the supermarket with Amber.

It looked like they were buying a lot of snacks from the supermarket for their reunion, as Amber was busy scanning items at the check-out.

Meanwhile, both of them were matching with a grey hoodie, making them look like friendship goals.

The fun times and laughs they must have had is completely up to the imagination of MeU’s.

While, MeU’s sadly don’t get to see the girls reunite as often as they’d like, it is great to know that the bond between the girls is truly unbreakable.