f(x) vaguely posts comeback hints on Instagram

Fresh from celebrating their sixth year anniversary, f(x) subtly posts hints on their much speculated comeback. 

On September 8th, the remaining four members have been discreetly teasing fans on their personal Instagram accounts as they prepare for their upcoming return. It started with Amber posting a photo with a Krystal, Luna and Victoria a few days back as she thanked fans for the support given since their debut. It was soon followed by a photo of herself in SM Entertainment’s rehearsal studio together with Victoria who posted a similar update.

Luna also pitched in the comeback fever with an update saying, “Give thanks in all circumstances <3,” but left more hints in her tags, “#seeyousoon #comingsoonfx.” However, it caught the attention of her fans as she was seen posing with her pet in front of a recording studio, confirming speculations that a new album is on its way.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has previously stated that f(x) will soon return with a new album, their first release since Sulli’s departure. Despite rumours that the group was going to return this month, the agency clarified that a confirmed comeback date has yet to be decided but was recently confirmed that they will indeed make a comeback this October.