f(x) Victoria’s Co-Star Says She Burst Into Tears On Set After Hearing News About Sulli

“Victoria burst into tears on set and her condition quickly declined.”

f(x)‘s Victoria was filming her new drama in Shanghai when she heard news about Sulli’s passing. A co-star from her drama talked to the Chinese press where they revealed that Victoria burst into tears as soon as she heard the news and her condition quickly declined.


Victoria immediately halted her filming and took the first flight out to Seoul after getting her visa from Beijing.

After hearing news about Sulli’s death, Victoria burst into tears on set and her condition quickly declined.

Victoria halted filming her drama in Shanghai and left for Beijing due to visa issues. She will take the first flight out.

— Victoria’s Co-Star


One stewardess who was on her plane claimed that Victoria looked very sad throughout the flight. Victoria almost forgot to take her things as she was in deep mourning.

Victoria looked so sad that she even almost forgot to take her belongings when exiting the plane.

— Stewardess


Victoria landed in Korea earlier today and was spotted wearing all black in respect and mourning for her dear friend.


Victoria and Sulli had been close since before they even debuted as f(x). Although their hectic individual schedules separated them during the past couple of years, their bond that they’ve cultivated over the past decade remained unbreakable.


Prayers go out to both Victoria and Sulli.

Source: Sports Chosun

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