F(x)’s Victoria Sheds Tears After Hearing Someone Talk About Sulli

Victoria is currently promoting her latest movie in China.

Since leaving SM Entertainment, f(x)‘s Victoria (also known as Victoria Song or Song Qian) has remained active in China, working as an actress, among many other things.

f(X)’s Victoria | Weibo

As of late, the star has been promoting her latest movie Post Truth, which is set for release on March 10.

Victoria recently attended another event where she and others involved with the film fielded questions from fans who viewed the movie. During the Q&A portion, the show’s host pointed out a fan they spotted crying near the film’s end.

I saw her wipe her tears and put her mask on because she couldn’t stop crying. It’s that girl wearing a white shirt. Yes, you. Would you be willing to share how you were feeling at the end? Why did you have an emotional outburst?

— Host


The fan explained that she was reminded of “a good friend of Victoria” as she watched the film. Victoria’s character Han Lu was caught up in unfounded rumors even after her death, causing issues for the film’s protagonist Wei Peng An, who makes a living selling funeral plots.

Because I thought of a very good friend of Victoria. She was a very nice girl, but because of what netizens said, in the end, she became depressed and passed away. I don’t think we can form conclusions solely based on rumors circulating online. We must see the whole picture first. I hope something like this never happens again.

— Fan

This character’s story is similar to the harsh criticism and cyberbullying Victoria’s groupmate Sulli, who the fan is referencing, experienced before she passed away in 2019.

Sulli (left) and Victoria (right). | LovCat

While hearing the fan speak, Victoria can be seen listening intently and tearing up as the fan explains why they were crying. The star turns around to wipe her tears at one point after the fan finishes speaking.

Victoria and the other members were significantly affected by Sulli’s passing — something reflected in Victoria’s Instagram post following the funeral.

Sulli~ The weather’s nice today. Farewell~ I won’t forget. I love you…