f(x)’s Amber Under Fire For Recent Tweets On Her Support Of #BlackLivesMatter

Internet users insist that she be “canceled.”

Former f(x) member Amber is under fire for her continued comments in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement that has seen a resurgence since the death of George Floyd over a week ago. The result of this increase in online searches of her name brought her as high as the #8 trending topic in the United States and #17 topic worldwide.

Many individuals on Twitter—both inside and outside the K-Pop world—have been commenting on and retweeting some of Amber’s latest tweets on the matter of George Floyd’s death and her stance on #BlackLivesMatter. The majority of the comments on these tweets have been accusatory and denouncing in nature.

There have also been some positive responses and supportive comments in reaction to the tweets as well.

The majority of the criticism stems from a screenshot posted on Twitter of a form email to US lawmakers showing her stance on the degree of sentencing that the officers should receive, indicating that first-degree murder is the proper charge that should be given.

For my last tweet, it’s a template and you can edit it. This is just how I chose to use it. It has been brought to my attention a first-degree murder charge is ambitious, but that is what I believe. Thank you for your comments & I appreciate the discussion we are able to have.

—Amber Liu

That tweet has since been deleted.

Additional criticism for her most current tweets came from a comment Amber made on racism late last year. Those comments were made in a video (which has also since been deleted) following the arrest of a black man being harassed and then arrested for eating a sandwich on a BART (a public transit) station near San Francisco. In the video, Amber stated, “I think he deserved it. He was being super disrespectful.” She later issued a statement on several social media platforms apologizing for her comment.

I am so sorry. I saw a video clip, made an ignorant, snap judgement, and I majorly messed up[…]I 100% do not stand for racism and discrimination. It angers me that he was singled out because of the color of his skin. It is completely unjust and I am so sorry for not seeing the whole situation and jumping to a conclusion. I’m sorry for hurting you guys.

—Amber Liu

As K-Pop idols continue to take to social media to show their stances on the George Floyd case and #BlackLivesMatter movement, and with the continued posts made by Amber, only time will tell what the outcome of her situation will be.

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