f(x)’s Amber Signs With American Agency, Reveals Details Behind Upcoming American Promotions

Hold on to your wigs, America!

F(x)’s Amber has signed a contract with the American entertainment agency, Steel Wool Entertainment, and revealed her intentions to promote in the U.S.

Amber is now listed on the agency’s official website along with other artists such as Watsky, Anderson Paak and Elijah Blake.


While SM Entertainment will continue to manage her domestic activities, Steel Wool Entertainment will now actively manage the star’s activities in the states. Steel Wool Entertainment’s CEO, Kevin Morrow, explained Amber’s potential in the U.S. market in an interview with Forbes.

“Her message is the message of female empowerment right now. I think that’s great. And Amber can sing, rap and dance. There are not a lot of people who can do all three and she can write. And she produces her own videos. She is one of those rare talents that can do just about everything.” ㅡ CEO Kevin Morrow


He also gave a heads up on the type of music Amber will be presenting in her U.S. promotions.

“Her new music will be a mixture of everything. She’ll be doing K-Pop stuff, she’s gonna be straight-up rap, it’s gonna be a little bit of everything.” ㅡ CEO Kevin Morrow


Amber has also revealed what she has been up to recently in L.A.

“Yeah, I’m always in the studio working on music and dancing. I’m training with a bunch of choreographers here in L.A. who are really good friends of mine and [I’m] learning as much as I can and reflecting on the years I’ve been in the industry and what did I not have time to work on because I was always busy working.” ㅡ Amber


With deals for becoming an ambassador for Nike and Loreal’s Redken brand, Amber has truly come into her own and fans are excited to see what she comes up with in her exciting new projects!

Source: Osen and Forbes