F(x)’s Krystal, Amber And Luna Show Off Their Unchanging Friendship After Performing Together For The First Time In Three Years

10 years later, they are still the best of friends

F(x) fans were ecstatic about SMTOWN LIVE 2019 In Tokyo as this would be the first time that Krystal would be performing alongside Amber and Luna since 2016, during their encore concerts in Yokohama, Japan.

As the F(x) members had been focusing on their solo careers for the past few years, fans have been unable to see the whole group perform.

Regardless, Krystal has talked profusely about her love for F(x) and how close she is with the other members, even after nearly ten years since they debuted together as a group.

In an interview, she revealed that she has never thought of leaving F(x) ever and that once the group gets a good song, they will be able to perform and promote in front of fans once again.

Until then, it has been made clear how close the members still are to each other.

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it's 뚜덩이 not 두떵이

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While Krystal is known for her chic and “Ice Princess” image, fans know of how close she is to her members.

When their performance was finished, Krystal, Luna and Amber were beaming with smiles and locked each other in an embrace.

With this being the first reunion in front of fans in years, this was indeed a special moment.

In remembrance of this reunion, both Krystal posted a photo of her, Amber and Luna on her Instagram, highlighting how much she missed being together with her members.

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missed us

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Meanwhile, Amber commented, highlighting the snarky rapport she is known for having with Krystal. She also added a purple heart, referencing F(x)’s official color of periwinkle.

Missed u too … kinda 💜

Similarly, Amber posted another photo of the reunion, thanking F(x)’s fans for coming out to support them.

Additionally, it turns out that the reunion of the three F(x) members wasn’t just limited to their performance.

In response to a tweet, Amber revealed that she and Krystal actually spent time exercising and running together.

Amber even let Krystal paint her nails, but only this time.

As F(x) approaches their 10th year anniversary since debut, fans will be pleased to know that the members are still close friends, even though they are busy focusing on their solo careers.

Fans continue to hope for an F(x) reunion with Victoria in the future, and for the group to once again perform and showcase their close friendship.