F(x)’s Krystal Exposes The Reason Why Jessica Calls Her Friends Boring

Jessica is a savage sister!

F(x)’s Krystal and Jessica Jung are one of the closest siblings in K-Pop, having filmed their reality show together, travelled the world with each other and even having some projects together in the future.

But just because they love each other, doesn’t mean that they hold back on their brutal honesty when they are with each other.

They are still sisters after all!

In a recent interview, Krystal showcased a more personal side where she revealed details about her life.

When asked about what makes her happiest in life, Krystal answered that she experiences a lot of joy when she is with her friends.

Just when I’m hanging out with the people I like is the greatest happiness for me. When you are able to communicate with them well and when you chatter together.

In particular, Krystal mentioned that she had a few friends that she sees whenever she is in New York, as seen in the second episode of Jessica & Krystal, the reality TV show they filmed in 2014.

Krystal revealed in the show that she has known these friends since she was young.

Because they are my friends since elementary school days so it is very comfortable whenever I meet them.

In the same episode, Jessica was with her own friends and acknowledged that there was such a difference between her and Krystal’s friends, due to their age gap.

In the interview, Krystal exposes Jessica for her hilarious comment about her social life.

Unnie refers to them as boring friends

Krystal then bursted out laughing and explained that the reason was because she and her friends barely do anything when they are together.

We don’t really do anything … We will go to each other’s house and watch TV or just lying down most of the time

While fans know how much Jessica loves and cares for Krystal, many also know that she is hilariously honest with her younger sister.

No doubt, this would be something that Jessica has teased Krystal over.

Regardless of how savage the Jung sisters can be to each other, it is all in good fun and they are so close with each other that they will tell each other anything.

Fans of the “Ice Princesses” of K-Pop will be looking forward to them returning to our screens with a reality travel program, that was filmed in June this year.

Both Krystal and Jessica have asked fans to look forward to this, as they show off a more personal side to their relationship as we see them travelling together in the U.S.