f(x)’s Luna Receives Backlash After Doing Her Own Make-Up

“Her eyebrows… I’m lost for words.”

After f(x)‘s Luna controversy when asking fans to purchase make-up through her Instagram, she is now under scrutiny from netizens over her self-done make up.

The idol posted a video of her posing for the camera on September 22, 2019, with a caption that reads, “Self hair and make-up.

While her make-up does not look bad in regular light, many have pointed out how her eyebrows have no arch and resemble caterpillars and how the lipstick shade is too bright for her.

Her eyebrows… I’m lost for words.

– Korean Netizen

On stage with harsh lights shining on her, however, many noted how the SPF of her foundation made her look ghostly, according to netizens. Many commented that she already went a shade lighter than she originally is, being under so many lights only made it worse.

Many wonder why she couldn’t just hire a stylist to help with her make-up. Now that the idol has left SM Entertainment after 10 years as an artist, netizens have commented that she was much better under the company’s care.

So it was a good thing she was under SM Entertainment’s management after all. As soon as she left, she turned into that.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann