f(x)’s Luna Reveals How She Feels About Joining New Agency

Its a new beginning for her!

f(x) member Luna has joined a new agency!


On October 7, it was announced that Luna joined Humap Contents after the expiration of her contract with SM Entertainment last month. 


She then uploaded 2 pictures on her instagram, and in the caption, conveyed her unending gratitude and determination to work harder :



Hello everyone, this is Luna. I have been with SM Entertainment since the beginning of my debut, and after leaving, have now joined Humap Contents as my new agency.

 I sincerely thank SMTOWN family, who have laughed and cried together with me for a long time now.

I also thank fans, and will work harder to show many diverse sides of myself to fans.

With your support, I will always be a Luna who will always do my best! Thank you so much! —Luna


All the best to Luna!