f(x)’s Sulli will not participate in any interviews for “Fashion King”

As f(x)’s Sulli prepares for her first official public appearances as she promotes the film Fashion King, it was reported that Sulli will not be participating in any interview sessions for the entire tour. 

According to Fashion King representatives on October 27th, Sulli will be attending the film screening on October 31st, but will not be participating in any session with reporters, denying any interviews. Rather than focusing on activities on her own, Sulli will instead devote her time through joint activities such as screenings, greetings and more with the rest of the cast instead.

SM Entertainment previously stated that Sulli will be taking a hiatus from the industry after suffering distress from the malicious comments made against her. The agency explained that after a careful discussion, they have allowed Sulli to take a break from her activities.

However, despite the hiatus, Sulli will be fulfilling her commitment to the film and will be making her first public appearance through the press conference and preview on October 31st.

Fashion King stars Joo Won, Sulli, Ahn Jae Hyeon, Park Se Young, and Kim Sung Oh, and is a coming of age movie about students who discover their passion for fashion. It is an adaptation of a popular web toon that gained a lot of popularity in Korea and has had many parodies made about it.

Source: OSEN

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