F(x)’s Victoria Accused Of Spreading Chinese Propaganda

Fans were quick to react to her post.

F(x)‘s Victoria left fans feeling stunned when she made an Instagram post declaring her support for “One China”, a policy that states there is only one sovereign state of China. She captioned the picture “I love China, I love Hong Kong! Hong Kong is part of China forever 🇨🇳” including the hashtag #香港是中国的香港 at the end, which states that Hong Kong is China’s.

Fans were quick to take to the Internet to share their thoughts, with most of them expressing disappointment or annoyance over what was perceived to be her spreading propaganda.

Some kpop fans have been willing to defend their idols amidst some real heinous crimes/accusations. I’ll be interested to see how many will come to bat for an idol that’s clearly spewing Chinese propaganda on their SNS.

— Reddit User Triforce179


Yikes I really hope these idols get boycotted outside of China if they’re going to be that hive-minded and desperate

— Reddit User TysonAli12

However, it wasn’t all negative. Some fans were sympathetic, defending their idol against criticism.

It’s not just about fame and wealth. Do you think that by saying no you’d just stop having a career in china? No, your family and friends will suffer from your decision.

You’d have done the very same thing despite your precepts and morals.

— Reddit User fyrestone


I don’t know if you’re aware of this but mainland Chinese celebrities’ social media accounts are controlled by the CCP or are under their tight grip. So unless you want to be excommunicated like Fan Bing Bing, you better follow them. So I take these things with a grain of salt.

— Reddit User ninety9nights

Victoria isn’t the only Chinese celebrity who has publicly taken a stance in favor of the One China policy. EXO‘s Lay canceled his endorsement contract with Samsung over the company’s outlook on the policy, and Chinese American actress Liu Yi Fei, who plays the titular role in Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan, expressed her support for police.