G-Dragon Discusses His Love Life For The First Time

For the first time on a public broadcast, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon opened up to viewers about his love life and how he feels about his relationships. 

Although G-Dragon is undoubtedly one of the top celebrities in Korea, not very much is known about his private life. Rumors and photo leaks aside, even his agency YG Entertainment has refrained from commenting on his love life. But on the latest episode of MBC talk show Radio Star featuring BIGBANG, G-Dragon decided to open up and give his opinions.

As he and the rest of his group members first sat down, G-Dragon was almost immediately asked about his relationships with Japanese models Nana Komatsu and Kiko Mizuhara. Hosts of the show asked him about both his current dating status and whether or not he had broken up with either or both of the girls. In response, G-Dragon replied:

“If I admit to having broken up, does that mean I admit that we were dating.? If that’s the case, I’m going to have to say I don’t know to both of the questions.”

After shaking off direct questions about his dating life, G-Dragon finally revealed some information about his philosophy on live. According to him:

“I always plan to be in a relationship. I think that kind of emotion is important to have. I think admitting to being in a relationship has its pros and cons, but because I am a public figure, it will effect my partner negatively. If anyone of the people I’ve dated wanted a public relationship, I would have opened up. The public may have a right to know, but I don’t have the duty to let them know.”

Source: X Sports News