G-Dragon’s “Crooked” MV reaches 40 million views on YouTube

International sensation G-Dragon has once again proven his popularity worldwide, as his music video for “Crooked” has reached 40 million views on YouTube!

Released in September of 2013, “Crooked” is a popular track off of G-Dragon’s second solo album COUP D’ETAT. Reaching the amazing milestone of 40 million views in just under one-and-a-half years on February 20th, this gives G-Dragon a reason to celebrate despite having to work hard during the Lunar New Year holidays.

“Crooked” is not only popular among fans, but also among fellow celebrities, as many singers and performers have covered the track. One of the most recent covers is from M.I.B’s Kangnam, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Jingo, performed on the Christmas Day broadcast of I’m Going To School.

Meanwhile, fans are highly anticipating BIGBANG’s group comeback, which has finally been confirmed to happen in April! For now, check out the popular “Crooked” MV below!