G-Dragon’s new year’s resolution is to quit smoking

G-Dragon is not one to share information about his personal life, but he revealed his personal resolution for the New Year. 

G-Dragon delivered the statement during their two-day concert in Seoul, South Korea over the weekend. During one of their talk segments, Seungri asked G-Dragon, “Have you made up your mind for the New Year?” 

To this, G-Dragon proudly replied, “I stopped smoking, but I’m open to use an electronic cigarette instead.” 

Seungri went on to explain the situation when all five members travel together in one vehicle. According to him, Taeyang would sit in the front, while G-Dragon and T.O.P occupy the first row of seats. Since the two older members smoke, Seungri and Daesung end up with funny faces in the back because of the smell. Seungri, the youngest member, had to demonstrate what they look like at the back of their car.

The five members reunited over the weekend to end their tenth-year anniversary celebrations with the concert, BIGBANG10: 0To10. 

Have a look at Seungri’s demonstration below. 


Source: Dispatch