G-Friend’s “Me Gustas Tu” re-enters music charts following viral video

G-Friend receives a positive response from their recent tragic live performance as their title track “Me Gustas Tu” reenters the charts. 

Known for their professionalism and fighting spirit despite the slippery stage conditions from their recent performance, G-Friend is receiving love calls for more performances for “Me Gustas Tu” despite finishing their seven week run on music programs.

The response further reflected on local music charts as “Me Gustas Tu” managed to enter the charts once more following the incident.

G-Friend has not only been garnering interest locally after a number of foreign press covered the infamous incident as the much interest has been taken on the original video clip uploaded by their fans.

“Me Gustas Tu” was included in the release of their second album Flower Bud last July 23rd.

Source: TVReport