(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Claps Back At Comedian Kim Gu Ra On “Radio Star”

She never forgot what he said in 2019!

Years after comedian Kim Gu Ra shaded (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon on Radio Star, she finally got a chance to clap back.

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon | @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram
Kim Gu Ra | Korea JoongAng Daily

Back in 2019, Soyeon appeared on Radio Star, and Kim Gu Ra asked her, “Would we know your song if we heard it?

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Kim Gu Ra defended himself for asking the question by stating that it was hard to keep up with which idol was who because there were so many rookie debuts. Then, he said, “When you get to our age, you just don’t know. We only know that ITZY is a popular trending group.

Next, he bluntly asked Soyeon if (G)I-DLE was as popular as ITZY.

At the time, (G)I-DLE had already won 7 Rookie of the Year awards and achieved their first music show win in only 20 days since their debut. Soyeon mentioned these achievements during her intro on this Radio Star episode.

At the time, Soyeon politely responded to Kim Gu Ra’s question. She said, “Oh… but they won 1st place on a public broadcast music show. But we’re… uh… in the process of working towards it.”

Although Soyeon didn’t seem fazed by Kim Gu Ra’s question back then, netizens criticized him for comparing (G)I-DLE and ITZY.

  • “Kim Gura always crosses the line with his questions whenever a rookie comes out.”
  • “Did you just bring ITZY into this? Both (G)I-DLE and ITZY fans are uncomfortable by this.”
  • “Look at his level of questions just because he wants to create an issue.”

Fast forward 3 years later, Soyeon recently appeared on Radio Star again, and she showed Kim Gu Ra exactly how it felt to be compared to a fellow star. She compared him to fellow comedian, Choi Joon, in a diss rap set to the beat of (G)I-DLE’s “MY BAG.”

Hey kiddos, you don’t know who Kim Gu Ra is, right? Hmm…sunbae, you’re about as famous as Choi Joon, I think? Let me give you some advice. Pointing your finger isn’t trendy these days. If you lose your touch, move on to Pokémon Bread mukbangs.

— Soyeon

Fans talked about Soyeon’s diss rap on Twitter and were shook that Soyeon was able to masterfully turn Kim Gu Ra’s 2019 question back on him years later.

Check out the full clip of Soyeon’s rap below.