“Gag Concert” couple Shin Bora and Kim Guri end their relationship of three years

The Gag Concert power couple Shin Bora and Kim Giri have broken up after going public with their relationship in 2012.

According to the official statement, “Shin Bora and Kim Giri are no longer dating and have returned to being just colleagues.”

The two first met after debuting as comedians on KBS‘s Gag Concert in 2010 and grew close after often appearing on several sketches together before beginning their relationship in 2012. After going public with the news, many noted that the pair seemed to match well.

Following news of the breakup, netizens have responded with mixed reactions as some feel that the stars should not have gone public if they did not seriously consider marriage in the future while others reminisced the loss of a couple that matched well together.

Source: Newsen

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