[★BREAKING] Gain and Joo Ji Hoon have broken up after she called him a “druggy”

Gain and Joo Ji Hoon have broken up after 3 years together.

“Joo Ji Hoon and Ga In broke up recently after having an off again on again relationship.”

– Insider

Their agencies have responded to the break up with statements as they are looking into the news.

“We will make a statement after we confirm the details about his split with Gain.”

– Joo Ji Hoon’s agency, Key East Entertainment

“We are confirming the facts with Gain about their split.”

– Gain agency, Mystic Entertainment


Gain recently exposed the man who tried to sell her marijuana on her social media account and referred to Joo Ji Hoon as a former druggy in the post. 

“As everyone probably knows, I’m the girlfriend of a former druggy (however, to my knowledge, he’s been punished for his crime and is working hard to live his life).”
– Gain

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Source: Digital Times