Gallant Covers BTS V’s “Singularity” In Support Of Their Upcoming Comeback

Legends supporting legends.

American singer, Gallant, recently uploaded a video of himself singing a cover of BTS‘s “Singularity”.

He sent a supportive message to BTS, saying “big ups to v and @BTS_twt for this one.


Although the cover was simple and short, Gallant expressed the song in his own style that made fan replay the video over and over again.

The fact that he sang it in Korean was even more special for fans worldwide.


It’s not the first time Gallant expressed his love for the song. He also commented on the video’s YouTube page just last week!


The interaction between BTS and Gallant is even more exciting as V has continuously revealed that Gallant is one his favorite artists!


Fans can’t help but hope that a BTS x Gallant collaboration could be in the near future!

  • “But like give us a collab that would be legendary”
  • “The collab between you and Tae is vital.”
  • “We need a collab now sir with taehyung”
  • “Omggggg the song sounds so good both ways! I… I think we need a collab”