Gangnam “Box Girl” Tries To Get People To Touch Her Breasts Again— This Time, She’s Stopped

She may face serious trouble this time.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Recently, a woman went viral for wearing a box with holes and asking people to touch her breasts.


On October 16, a woman now known as the “Apgujeong Box Girl” gained attention for walking around Gangnam’s Apgujeong area wearing only a box with holes in it and the words “Angel Box” written on it. She reportedly approached people, asking them to touch her breasts by placing their hands inside the box.


It was revealed later that she was an influencer and adult actress named Ah In.

On October 21, Ah In made another appearance with her box—this time, in Seoul’s Hongdae wearing the same box, communicating with numerous people on the streets. She asked people, regardless of gender, to put their hands into the box holes and asked them to touch her chest again.


However, her performance in Hongdae was cut short when the police intervened. She posted on her personal Instagram that she had to stop because “the police dispersed it” and apologized.

| @a__in04/Instagram

Earlier, Ah In revealed in an interview with Ilyo on October 14 that she worked as a Korean adult video actress and model and has previous experience working in karaoke. Regarding her performance in Apgugujeong, she and her agency’s CEO claimed that this was an expression of art.

I thought it was weird that people don’t care when men take off their shirts, but when women take off their clothes, they are punished for it. This is a type of performance art that breaks this (double standard).

— Ah In

Netizens had diverse opinions on Ah In’s performance, with some viewing it as simple art and others criticizing it as obscene behavior causing discomfort to many people. Many netizens claimed that the people touching her breasts were just as obscene.

“Touch My Breasts” Gangnam’s “Box Girl” Sparks Outrage And Disgust

On October 23, the Seoul Mapo Police Station revealed that Ah In is under investigation for charges of obscene performance, and two accomplices are also being investigated for the same charges.

The police are investigating Ah In for charges of public obscenity, specifically under Article 245 of the Korean Criminal Code, which stipulates that ‘Anyone who performs lewd acts openly is subject to imprisonment for up to one year, a fine of up to ₩5.00 million KRW (about $3,700 USD), detention, or disciplinary action.’ The offense of lewd acts can be established if the act is perceived as causing sexual discomfort or shame when performed in a public place.


Despite the police’s actions, Ah In expressed that she doesn’t feel bad about letting people touch her breasts, as it’s the “part of [her] body [she’s] most confident about.” She uploaded videos of people touching her breasts through the box in Hongdae and Apgujeong with people’s faces mosaicked.

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